With proper controls and policies , we always ensure our car parks are not vandalized or damage by our parkers. With assist of our security guards we ensure that no vehicles are parked in a way which disturbs other parkers in the area or blocking the traffic flow in the car park. Any parkers that do not obey our rules & policies are dealt in a professional manner and to remind them not to do it again.


With our online based system our revenue collection is collected and check to ensure our records match with the amount of collection collected. This revenue collection system allow us to monitor all revenues from our sites and with our controls and policies we ensure that the revenue is transferred to a financial institution.


Getting our services will allow you to manage your car park with proper usage and increased of occupancy. You don't have to worry about your car park, as we will handle all kind of matter professionally to ensure your car park is safe and also user friendly. This will allow you to focus more on your business and let us worry about your car park.


To ensure your car park flows as smooth as possible without any possible hiccups, we always ensure that the car park plans are layout , with traffic planning , road marking & proper traffic signage to ensure your parkers will always get a car park bay the moment the user gets into the car park area using proper navigation displays to guide the parker to the right location for parking.


We only use professional car park equipment , this to ensure that the equipment can withstand all wear & tear also at the same time perform as if it was newly installed. With our scheduled maintenance every 3 months on the equipment this ensures that all our equipment are on par with the usage of the car park area.