About Us

As the underdog of this industry , we always strive forward to maintain our integrity and policies in this business. Integrity plays a very important role to us as it teaches us to be truthful & never to over promise to our customers when we deliver.

Our Stakeholders , has placed great responsibility to us in maintaining and operating all car parks with full integrity, as so we are obliged to follow such footsteps to success.

With our combine Management & Team experience of 40 years this, ensures that we have the best team on our side to maintain and operate all our car parks.

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NU Sentral & 1 Sentrum
Menara Prisma

With our Regular Periodical maintenance of our equipment , our Internal Technical Team are dispatch to maintain and service all equipment according to planned schedule. Our Sites are manned by exclusive Operational Teams , in this way we are able to control all sites with precision and reduce downtime.